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Children's usage time
There are changes.

​ Please check the "Children's use" on the site.


​About bouldering

Bouldering was originally practiced as a route climbing exercise while securing a large rock wall with ropes, but from the simplicity and depth of the act of climbing the rock with the minimum necessary tools and yourself. , Gradually became one of the styles of free climbing. Generally, a thick mat is used to ensure safety in the event of a crash.

If you enjoy bouldering in Yokosuka City, please come to Forge bouldering!

We will carefully teach so that even beginners can feel safe.

​Reservation is not required for the first time. You can feel free to start bouldering anytime.

For all climbers, from cradle to boulders.

forge bouldering

​Opened June 17, 2020

The only facility for indoor bouldering in Yokosuka City

3 minutes walk from Kenritsu Daigaku Station

2-11 Yasuura Town, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Motohashi Building 1F

Phone: 046-887-0364

Please ask to staff about the parking.


​ Business days / event calendar

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