Forge bouldering

For children 

Bouldering is a dangerous sports.

This facility is not a playground but a facility dedicated to bouldering.

For parents, so that children can climb safely

You will understand the rules and manners. ​

For children under the age of 18, be sure to register for the first time

You will be asked to sign your consent to use the facility.

There is no age limit for using the facility,

Only children who can read and follow the following rules carefully 

can use this facility.

○ Do not run around or make a loud noise.

The bouldering gym is not a playground.

The purpose is just to climb.

Interfering with other users or

If you do not listen to the staff's attention

​ If you decide that you do not intend to climb,

you will be asked to leave.

○ You can climb safely by observing the rules.

Be sure to follow the precautions for using the facility

Safety for children and other customers

Only those who can climb without threatening

Facilities are available.

Also, occupy one wall or take turns

There was a rule violation such as not observing

In that case, we will stop using the facility.

○ Observe good manners when eating,

drinking and taking breaks.

You can eat and drink in the facility, but

Garbage brought in was left untouched or banned

Eating and drinking at the place is a nuisance.

Please follow the etiquette.

○ Strictly observe the usage time.

For children under junior high school and other than kids school students

Until 20:00 on weekdays

Wednesdays and Thursdays until the school starts

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 18:00

It will be. Also used by one person without a guardian

Only children with long-term passes can do it

With children approved by the staff

Kids school students only.

* For kids school students, the start date of the class to which they belong

You can stay as it is and practice until 20:00 .

Other than that, please use according to the above rules.

In addition, we will stop using it at the discretion of the staff

In some cases. Please note.