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​ Forge bouldering's Kids School

In Forge Bouldering,

Responsible for the development of future climbing culture

To support kids climbers

We have a bouldering school .

Indispensable in relation to others

Climbing, including courtesy and manners

Achieving goals through repetitive practice from the basics

We will continue to provide guidance for you.

For children who are completely new to bouldering

Be sure to take the first class once

After understanding the rules, you will be admitted at a later date.

The first class is held outside of school hours ​.

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◇ About the classes currently open

・ Forjira class (from the lower grades of elementary school)

For children who are just starting to climb

You can grow while experiencing the joy of climbing

I will give you guidance.

Basic greetings and behavior, etc.

Always be aware of what is important as a human being

Be aware of your surroundings and be able to climb safely

Will be given the highest priority.

Students who receive the teacher's request are accompanied by a guardian

You will be able to use the facility without it.

Children who wish to move to advanced class

The result of the test described separately from the approval by the instructor

It will be possible to migrate.

・ Advanced class (upper grades of elementary school, students after Mikiwame)

Children seeking results at various competitions and rocky areas

To take a step from the basics to the application

Think for yourself as a climber with the content,

So that you can solve problems while practicing

I will teach you.

Those who can continue to climb the 5th and 4th grades of this facility are eligible.

◇ Current school start date

・ Wednesday (Fojira class)

17: 30-18: 30

Capacity: 5 people

3 times a month (If it is a national holiday, it will be held on the transfer day.)

Target:Around V0-V2

・ Thursday (advanced class)

17: 00-18: 30

Capacity: 5 people

​ 3 times a month (If it is a holiday, it will be held on the transfer day )

Target:Around V3-V7

* It may be 4 times a month

* Schedule is subject to change.

For stores, websites, and Instagram

Event / school calendar to be posted

Please confirm.

◇ School expenses

・ Admission fee ¥ 2000 (including uniform fee)

​ ・ Monthly membership fee ¥ 9900 (including long-term pass)

Please pay at the first lesson every month.

* If you enter the school in the middle of the month, the number of remaining lessons

We will guide you at the cost according to .


・ The following conditions are required to join the kids school.

Please be sure to confirm it.

1. 1. You have a good understanding of the rules of bouldering.

2. 2. You can climb in consideration of the safety of yourself and others.

3. 3. Respect for etiquette, don't flirt or run around,

You can always act with good manners .


Kids school is usually held during business hours.

I will give lessons while considering other customers,

Children themselves should participate with the same attitude

Thank you.

・ About Mikiwame

Applicants can receive Mikiwame.

Meet the following conditions and receive the approval of the instructor

Children can stay alone at the facility even outside school hours

You will be able to use it.

1. 1. You can act in consideration of others. (Do not make a loud voice or play around)

2. 2. You can climb safely according to the instructions of the instructor.

3. 3. You can climb with aspirations by taking advantage of the content of the instruction.

* Behaviors that may cause inconvenience to other customers,

If you cannot use the facility according to the staff's instructions

When it is judged, we will cancel the Mikiwame.

Please note.

・ About class migration test

If you want to move to the advanced class

clear the above requirements ​and set the instructor

The condition is that you can climb the problem .

The test will be conducted according to the school student's desired date.


Forge bouldering



Tomoya Ishiwata / Store manager

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